Manufaktura Ceramiczna is unrivalled on the domestic market. We do not copy the designs of the Western companies. Neither do we design patterns used in other projects. Ordering our tiled fireplace, you can be certain that it is unique.

Tiled fireplace

The company designs unique fireplace tiles as well as tiled stoves. We can also construct your beautiful, functional and one of a kind tiled fireplace. Once you decide to choose our company, you may be sure that as the chief designer of Manufaktura Ceramiczna, I will personally take care of every detail of your order. I make every effort to meet the expectations and needs of my Customers so that every tiled fireplace made by us could fulfill their requirements as well as…. dreams.

Tiled stoves

Among our products, you may also find tiled stoves. These can be designed utilizing either modern fireplace tiles or old stove tiles. The destroyed or missing elements of tiled stoves may be replaced or supplemented at our workshop. Such tiled stoves create the unique atmosphere of every house, therefore it is worth building one that would be original and beautiful.

Fireplace tiles

Execution according to design guarantees both full functionality of the solutions used as well as harmonious combination of the project with other elements of the interior. While constructing a tiled fireplace we utilize handmade tiles produced at our workshop. They are finished with artistic glazing of wide range of colors to choose from.